Flushing Flint

“A Crime, Cheating” -Erin Brockovich


Premieres April 23rd, 2019

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EXCLUSIVE: Flint Water Declared ‘Restored’ After Michigan’s Environmental Agency Broke EPA Testing Regulations

Politicians & Celebrities React

Democratic Lawmakers and Celebrities Call For Investigation After Concerning Flint Water Testing Report

Meet the Team

Meet the tireless team behind Flushing Flint. We're small and have little funding, but that didn't stop us from knocking on 450+ doors in Flint to uncover this astonishing corruption.


Jordan Chariton

CEO, Co-Founder, Journalist Status Coup

Jordan's mission is to give the microphone back to the people, to uncover corruption and dismantle the oligarchy.


Jenn Dize

President, Co-Founder, Journalist Status Coup

With a background in marketing and investigation, Jenn will stop at nothing to use every tool at Status Coup's disposal to shine a light in the darkness of this country and world.


Ty Bayliss

PhotoJournalist and Documentary Filmmaker

Ty approaches photojournalism with a unique eye for the pain and suffering of those who would otherwise go unnoticed, capturing images that give people no choice but to pay attention.


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